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BMI Dance Studio - Classroom Rules & Safety

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Classroom Rules

No touching mirrors

No hanging or sitting on ballet barres

No Gum or Candy unless it's a birthday treat

Only water is allowed in the dance room

Inappropriate behavior such as violence, touching, yelling and fowl language can and will lead to immediate dismissal without a refund


Please make sure your child is picked up on time

If you will be late, please call the studio at 309-657-0481, so we can keep your child inside the building until you arrive.

Inform your child of the importance of staying inside the building until you are insight.

These guidelines are for your child(s) safety.

Watch Week

Watch week for the parents is once every 2 months. We must have the students full attention so the teachers can conduct their class in a professional and timely manner without any interruptions. During class time, we want your child's possible full attention engaged on learning and not being dirupted.

Watch week once every 2 months will be the last week of the 2nd month. Parents are allowed this week into the classroom and watch their child and see how well they are learning, progressing, and developing in dance class.